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Arts and crafts have been a long tradition in India. And when it comes to furniture, an interesting combination of cultures is portrayed. In India, this is unquestionably true. It was in the Gupta period which was around 320- 647 AD that wood carving gained momentum. The artisans excelled in their art, carving lavish pieces on wooden furniture for the royals. Furniture manufacture was regarded as both an art and a profession. Artisans and craftsmen were highly regarded by royals because they were able to preserve traditions and folklore in wood. Traditional and common furnishings can be found in both old temples and modern structures. However, like the throne, it was essentially ceremonial.


In the last century, with the invasion of the British, the fall of the monarchy, and subsequent modernization, the artisans and craftsmen who created these beautiful pieces of furniture lost their relevance. And with the passing of time, the art of hand carving furniture, which had formerly garnered such respect, began to fade away. Hand carving is an art and a true work of patience mastered only by the artisans. The hand carving tradition has always been unique to the artisans who create it. They use their creative eye in making iconic designs. Sure, a programmed carving machine can replicate designs quickly and efficiently, but the emotional appeal is lost in the process. Bhavya Art & Crafts recognizes this talent of artisans. We are an Indian art furniture manufacturer from Jodhpur and source our artisans from different towns and cities of Rajasthan and neighboring states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. These artisans have been in the profession of carving for more than 100 years. These seasoned artisans help us at Bhavya Art & Crafts to maintain our vision of creating beautiful and premium quality furniture and thus exposing their talents in and out of India.


We surely live up to our name- Bhavya which means ‘Grand’. Our artisans add a touch of grandeur to our furniture with their intricate brass-fitting work. Major brands from the USA, Europe and other countries are already in the business of selling hand-carved furniture. The market for vintage furniture has grown in recent years because of the aesthetic value and luxurious appeal they offer. And brass-fitting enhances the furniture through its golden appearance which gives it that antique look.

Our artisans harness their potential into building famous ‘Bakra’ or ‘RajputiPhool’ designs while hand-carving and brass fitting the furniture.
It’s noteworthy that even to this day, artisans preserve this age-old art that depicts our beautiful culture. These works are of great aesthetic value as they require particular skills that are mastered only by these artisans and no one else in the world. – It’s in their blood!


When the export of this hand-carved furniture was picked up in Jodhpur, Bhavya tried to export more and more of these pieces and tried to expose the hand-carving talent of the artisans. Bhavya Art & Crafts aims to incorporate a touch of hand carving into each development in today’s world, where modern and contemporary furniture reign supreme. Thus keeping the talents and traditions of the artisans very much alive.

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